Thursday, October 7, 2010

CPS behind a "Miscarriage of Justice?"

With CPS instigating; combine an AXIS II Histrionic Personality disorder (in addition to 4 other diagnosis) with dirty small town COP business; equals a wrongful accusation in a snap! Shake all that up with ineffective counsel and BAM: A wrongful conviction! It could happen to you.

Causes of miscarriages of justice include:

Plea bargains that offer incentives for the innocent to plead guilty
Confirmation bias on the part of investigators
Withholding or destruction of evidence by police or prosecution
fabrication of evidence or outright perjury by police (see testilying), or prosecution witnesses
(e.g. Dr Charles Smith)
Biased editing of evidence
Prejudice towards the class of people to which the defendant belongs
Poor identification by witnesses and/or victims
Overestimation/underestimation of the evidential value of expert testimony
Contaminated evidence

Faulty forensic tests
false confessions due to police pressure or psychological weakness
Misdirection of a jury by a judge during trial
perjured evidence by the real guilty party or their accomplices (frameup)
Perjured evidence by supposed victim or their accomplices
Conspiracy between court of appeal judges and prosecutors to uphold conviction of innocent

Here is a new word:
Testilying (a portmanteau of "testify" and "lying") is a United States police slang term for the practice of giving false testimony against a defendant in a criminal trial. It is typically used to "make the case" against someone they believe to be guilty when minor irregularities during the suspect's arrest or search threaten to result in acquittal on a technicality. Defendants who embellish their own testimony, particularly when no evidence contradicts them, can also be said to be testilying.
That is the story and how it happens in AMERICA! And that does not include INEFFECTIVE COUNSEL throughout an entire TRIAL!


MY LIE said...

Interesting story of a woman who lied about her dad molesting her and then admitting 10 years later it was all a lie under pressures of her peers...

Anonymous said...

exhtfulHi, I'm Rex's sister, Dana, I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday as I was thinking of him this week and I don't have any info to send him a card. If I had a way to tell you how to reach me I would. I live in Scranton, Ks. If you have Cherry's info please call her and get my cell number. I don't want to place it out here publically. If I can post here and you won't post it to the blog, I will provide it, just let me know. Thanks. I'd like to mail him encouragement cards as I'm praying for him and you.

Wrongfully Accused! said...

OMG Dana THANKYOU! We have tried and tried to reach you but never got a call back on the numbers we had for you or Cherry. Please go ahead and put you address and phone and I'll have Rex write you and I will call you w his address too. I will NOT publish the next post from you with that info. He will be so happy to hear from you and always needs a bit more encouragement letters and we are so HAPPY you can at least see the story right here. It is a horrible situation but we believe God will do something BIG with it as it is going to turn around. The TRUTH is going to come out.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy how being mentally unstable can manipulate lives like strings on puppet. Today for example is one of those high drama events that has a whole world revolving around one persons insanity. What is the answer? What can be done? When will it stop?