Sunday, December 17, 2017

There is coming a day....

There is soon coming a day when the truth will be revealed to all. The secret things will be brought into the light.  Those who live here no more are instantly revealed the truth.  All the scandals and deceptions will be exposed.  Each of us will be accountable for our part in enabling any story that has left a wake of destruction in its path. One day each will give an account to the Almighty for their words and deeds.  One day the wrongfully accused will be exonerated. Hopefully it will not be when it is too late.  But then again it will never be too late for the truth to be told. In hindsight we will see how one little lie can snowball into a convoluted mess that even the perpetrator did not intend.  God speed. It is only he who can change the heart of man. God, bless and sustain the heart and soul of the one who’s freedom and livliehood has been stolen. Restore what the cankerworm has eaten....Not my will but thy will be done, Amen.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Karma is least expected.....for those who are real perpetrators of injustice!

We never know how people will respond to a foolish girls tall, tall TALE!  In our case everyone who knew her oh so well, were the only ones NOT impressed by the botched up rantings of a manipulative teen on a mission to break free from the family home rules. And that is what she did.  As simple as that, people who are professionals and should know better enabled the story that keeps on giving pain and torment to the innocent bystanders for years and years to come.  A complicated girl who was caught up in the whirlwind of being a temporary DIVA amongst an entourage of gullible strangers has come to pay the piper today for perhaps a fraction of what is due!

Karma is an incredible force.  When we build our foundation upon a mountain of lies and set out to ignore every rule in the book can deliver some unwanted consequences. That which she never expected has come upon her too. Living the dream from learning contrary survival tactics that involve deceit, breaking the law and conning systems out of money while rarely doing the right thing with what she is given can produce a difficult real life spanking. 

One day honesty will kick in and the truth will set us free who are amongst the wounded.  God's truth is the only one that counts. The treasures of heaven are stored up for the righteous and we can only ask for God to sustain us in time of trouble while on earth.   Good news?  God is good and "He who faints in the day of adversity, your strength is small.  Prov 24:10"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, the truth is always going to be the truth!

Another False Accusation story just like OURS!

Even when it seems like it is the end of the line.... It is NOT!  Sometimes we got to get to that end to take a new view and reflect what we have done or NOT done to make all things right.  This is a nice story about a young girl who is growing up and is disturbed about putting an innocent man away for 25 years on charges that never happened.  It's not easy to undo now is it?  The criminal justice system DA doesn't like having egg on their face either.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)

What inner turmoil and lack of peace must possess the soul afflicted with this condition.  To be able to snap into another person at the push of a button.What are the triggers do you suppose?  How can one sort through the trail of destruction led by lies and manipulation posed on any one in their path at the time?  Who can stop the train before it derails causing more pain and trauma to additional innocent victims?  Who will step in and force the issue if they won't get help.  Who will bring the innocent, the wrongfully accused to justice if the sick one cannot bring herself to tell the truth?  Who will do the right thing with what they have been given?  Have you ever met a person with this diagnosis? If you have it sure explains alot of things about their bizarre patterns of behaviors.

Do the research, put it together of how this could have happen to you!  Wrongfully accused in the USA!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oregon girl puts father in prison falsely accusing him of rape!

After 9 years and grown up at age 23 she decides to tell the truth. Good girl for that!
The alledged RAPE got a 15 year sentence. She lied about her Dad and the state RUNS with the sensational story. Now, they have no comment.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Still Believe in Miracles!

Often in the journey of life there are certain things ONLY GOD can restore. This has always been one of those things; making right what someone meant for evil. Vindicating the innocent and wrongfully accused and making something glorious happen out of it that can touch the world. That continues to be our prayer.

Over time as we wait for God to reveal "Himself" to our perpetrator of injustice we have come to understand more and more how this could have come about.

First and foremost we have a lot of grace toward our girl who was truly screwed up at the young age of three by a trespasser of innocence by someone who STILL remains at large and unrepentant for the evil he has done. This injury is the sole reason a child can be so messed up in the first place to carry out the drama that put an innocent man in prison. But we know she had help. There were those instrumental in helping the story be set a blaze. We realize how powerful the dysfunction can run in family tree and be passed from generation to generation. There are people in this family that for many years have a pattern of habitual lying and manipulating people and hurting people with their words and own bitterness or to promote their own agenda. At the moment we have family members who have shared the deviate behaviors of their loved ones who helped prime the DHS workers and detectives with false information that made them "believe" a certain way about this story. So the STATE workers thinking it must be true, decided to "help fabricate" their own version of a story that a jury could believe for a sure conviction. And on and on a ridiculous lie by a very disturbed child can snowball with the help of some well meaning folks who happen to be DEAD wrong.

This is where GOD comes in. To be able to straighten the whole thing out, open the eyes of some folks who chose to stay in denial about the real truth. We believe this is what is happening. It's time to get honest and GOD is actually convicting hearts that had everything to do with this injustice. The truth runs deep and the light must be shown all the way back to the hidden things. God is shining the light on the family secrets that no one has been willing to talk about. Family secrets that have caused pure harm and then in turn these people pass it down and hurt those in their pathway. Its a sure cycle of evil and wrong doing unless someone somewhere stops it. Someone has to get off the merry go round and start living the truth for healing to do it's miracle for growth and deliverance. That is where we are today. It is all coming together. The real truth and then we shall see God do something great with all that has gone wrong. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. God bless, you know who you are!
Custom art by REX

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can't get Healing until we face the pains of our past!

How do we ever reconcile the damage we are doing to ourselves and others? How do we break the destructive cycle of lying, manipulation and leaving a trail of wounded in our wake? How do we know "we are the ones" who need to make amends? What are the signals that I am the one out of control?

Do I obsess over details, my looks, my beauty, on working out or buying new clothes?
Do I spend money out of control on things I should NOT be spending it on due to other priorities?
Do I run away from the truth? Do I run from "people" who represent the truth? What is the truth? Who in my life "enables" me to stay in denial of the truth?
What do my closest friends and family say about my behaviors?
Am I addicted to meaningless sex? Alcohol? Drugs? Toxic relationships? Can I even "keep" meaningful relationships?
Do I sabotage healthy relationships? How many bridges have I burned with those who know me best? Do I just "use" people until they can't take it any more or until I have been found out? Do I delete people the minute my "charms" no longer work on them anymore?
Am I responsible? Do I pay my bills? Do I have a job and am I reliable to be there on time?
Can I finish any task I start? Can I obey the rules? The law?
Do I put GOD first in my life, then my own family, or job before doing whatever it is I feel like?
Am I honest? Do I tell the truth? Do I do the right thing when nobody is looking? CAN I DO THE RIGHT thing no matter what the consequences may be? Am I the same person no matter who I am associated with? Or do I tell people whatever they want to hear whenever they want to hear it, anytime anyplace whatever sounds good for the moment? Do I thrive on being the "star"? Can I perform in any given scenario?

Can I ever acknowledge the dark secret injury of my youth that happened to make me act this way and do these things? Will I ever face the TRUTH about myself and my real past? Do I WANT to be healed and stop the vicious cycle?

Getting Honest about my past:

12-step recovery may be the only program to get me honest with myself and other's and especially GOD! How long will I keep trying to lie to GOD about the devastations my actions have caused others? Where else do I begin the road to recovery and embracing "honesty" as a means for healing and making amends? Can I begin to share the darkest secrets of my youth that molded me this way?

I too must live life in a way that pleases the Lord for HIS blessings to permeate my actions!
How do I do this and where do I begin?
Living The TRUTH

3 places listed to start a journey of health and healing and all via HONESTY.

Surrender and confession to God and share with another person what I have done is a start....

This post is dedicated to those who wrongfully accuse and are afraid to tell the truth after all the pain and suffering their tales have caused.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas and Pray for those in prison!

We have NO IDEA what it may be like to be innocent and sitting in prison from a wrongful accusation. Do we? Pray for righteousness and truth to prevail and we 'll continue to cling to justice and mercy and to do only good to the people in our lives! Original art by REX!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CPS destroys families!!! When LIFE used to be so simple, so innocent....

Oh! The tangled web we weave

when first we practice to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott

Once the can of worms gets opened, CPS or DHS will not relent. They no longer seek the truth in the matter, they seek vengeance for all the injured children of the world. Each accused becomes the fall guy whether it is true or NOT!! Only in America, guilty until proven innocent!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

In just 6 more minutes would be too late

It was the timely call to 911 as Mom had turned sheet white and passes out. Within minutes we learn that she has more ulcer's in her stomach than the doctor had ever seen at once! Years of pain, stress and the loss of her love of a lifetime. The loss of every physical item that a person can own. To be laid bare with only her faith and peace in her soul that someday God would make right, everything, that was made wrong. The chaplain in the hospital says, "You are precious in God's sight and you are going to touch alot of lives with your story someday." Selah. This day is a wake up call. What are we willing to sacrifice before we tell the whole story? The whole truth to the right people. Please let it not be the devastation of another innocent life. Let's make all things right TODAY and in this lifetime!

Friday, January 28, 2011


What, Why, and HOW does an innocent man become imprisoned for 25 years? The truth is JUST around the corner for all to see! But really? A sneak peak is CORRUPTION at every level!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

CPS behind a "Miscarriage of Justice?"

With CPS instigating; combine an AXIS II Histrionic Personality disorder (in addition to 4 other diagnosis) with dirty small town COP business; equals a wrongful accusation in a snap! Shake all that up with ineffective counsel and BAM: A wrongful conviction! It could happen to you.

Causes of miscarriages of justice include:

Plea bargains that offer incentives for the innocent to plead guilty
Confirmation bias on the part of investigators
Withholding or destruction of evidence by police or prosecution
fabrication of evidence or outright perjury by police (see testilying), or prosecution witnesses
(e.g. Dr Charles Smith)
Biased editing of evidence
Prejudice towards the class of people to which the defendant belongs
Poor identification by witnesses and/or victims
Overestimation/underestimation of the evidential value of expert testimony
Contaminated evidence

Faulty forensic tests
false confessions due to police pressure or psychological weakness
Misdirection of a jury by a judge during trial
perjured evidence by the real guilty party or their accomplices (frameup)
Perjured evidence by supposed victim or their accomplices
Conspiracy between court of appeal judges and prosecutors to uphold conviction of innocent

Here is a new word:
Testilying (a portmanteau of "testify" and "lying") is a United States police slang term for the practice of giving false testimony against a defendant in a criminal trial. It is typically used to "make the case" against someone they believe to be guilty when minor irregularities during the suspect's arrest or search threaten to result in acquittal on a technicality. Defendants who embellish their own testimony, particularly when no evidence contradicts them, can also be said to be testilying.
That is the story and how it happens in AMERICA! And that does not include INEFFECTIVE COUNSEL throughout an entire TRIAL!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cops are DIRTY in this case; Let's start TELLing the TRUTH!

Jesus said "For Nothing is SECRET that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light!" Luke 8:17

What we know for sure is that besides the DHS worker; also our small town police department the FBI has surfaced it to be sorely scandalous and corrupt from the Chief of Police, his officers with illegal drug use, to his appointed detectives on our case and their friends and fellow officers who are being fired for disgraceful conduct of an officer. Our detectives repeatedly lied to witnesses, coerced them and planted manufactured evidence AND have had and continue to have inappropriate "relations" with the witnesses of our case! The young, brand new detective, about 8 months experience, busts in like a Bruce Willis/Rambo wannabe SWAT team style and begins to destroy innocent lives by his own lack of experience investigating with gang buster assumptions and then begins a massive cover up of his OWN "reputation saving." All for some news article in the small town newspaper to his credit? God sees everything and the TRUTH is about to bust out! Detectives never checking out the accuser's diagnosed personality disorders nor doing a polygraph... Stay tuned. All in God's timing, there is nothing new under the sun! All things, of course the jury knew nothing about.....

Most fitting for the foolish DHS worker and novice detective;

We don't live in a world of reality,
We live in a world of perceptions.
Gerald J Simmons

See also this other wrongfully accused story on msnbc it happens in America everyday:

In 1979 in the small town of Poplar, Montana, someone brutally beat and killed 17-year-old Kim Nees. In doing so, they also destroyed the life of Barry Beach.

Monday, March 1, 2010

So many stories.......

A POLYGRAPH! It has always been the answer in this case. The TRUTH will set us free. The TRUTH will bring healing. The TRUTH will restore what has been ripped away and stolen from us. Finally, some validation for all? God will notice every detail and hold us accountable.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Being Thankful in the midst of INSANITY:

Yes, it is true, we really must find things to be grateful for even when it seems like everything good, true pure and right has seem to abandon us! Making a grateful list is a regular thing actually for us. Here is a go at it for today in light of all that has happened:
First of all we are grateful that number one: THERE is NO TRUTH AT ALL involved with our false allegations!
As long as God is GOD we have hope that the truth will arise! Even if it takes years we will NEVER give up on the hope of "God's version" of the truth and what happened coming forth and with the promise the TRUTH will set you FREE!
We are grateful for the support and encouragement and those who have contributed to our health , well being, provisions and sanity during an inbelievable series of events.
We are grateful today that finally the wheels are starting to fall off the bus when it comes to HOW this conviction was manipulated into being by dirty cop investigating and corrupt CPS workers and the weakness of the witness testimony that was used to manipulate the jury. The testimony that won't stand in an appeal with effective counsel.
So if you ARE going through a similar wrongful accusation please tap into and DEVOUR this great resource for hope and HOW an INVESTIGATION will turn the tables on your false accusations!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Truth or Lies?

Liars tend to miss out on inner peace and the soft beauty God has on display in the earth because they are too busy dwelling in the poison that consumes them. They hide and abide within the erected walls of stone that serves as a fortress empowering their dark secrets to stur and cause havock within the souls of those who tell stories of destruction. Nothing good can come from hurting and destroying innocent lives no matter what the motive may be.

This is an example if not ALL of what happened in our case by the prosecution/DHS/Dirty small town cop business:

Did you know --
Since 1970, individual judges and appellate court panels cited prosecutorial misconduct as a factor when dismissing charges at trial, reversing convictions or reducing sentences in at least 2,017 cases.
The nature of the questionable conduct includes:
Courtroom misconduct (making inappropriate or inflammatory comments in the presence of the jury; introducing or attempting to introduce inadmissible, inappropriate or inflammatory evidence; mischaracterizing the evidence or the facts of the case to the court or jury; committing violations pertaining to the selection of the jury; or making improper closing arguments);
Mishandling of physical evidence (hiding, destroying or tampering with evidence, case files or court records);
Failing to disclose exculpatory evidence;
Threatening, badgering or tampering with witnesses;
Using false or misleading evidence;
Harassing, displaying bias toward, or having a vendetta against the defendant or defendant’s counsel (including selective or vindictive prosecution, which includes instances of denial of a speedy trial);
Improper behavior during grand jury proceedings.

Info from the Innocent project.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

After all is said and done can you stand and say "I'm Forgiven?"

Even if you were involved in putting an innocent man in prison? Do you experience the blessings of GOD and the joy of the Lord in all you do knowing that you are a participant in such acts? Have you become willing to make amends for the wrongs you have done to others? Have you taken ownership for your part in the fabrications of wrongful accusations and obliterating a family to pieces Rita? Tony? Cheryl? Just wondering.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Above all other things we are to love and to do GOOD!

Micah 6:6, 8
"How can we make up to you for what we have done?" you ask?
The Lord has told you what he wants and this is all it is: to be honest, to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly before your God!

Zechariah 7:8-10
Then this message from the Lord came to Zechariah. "Tell them to be honest and fair--and not to take bribes--and to be merciful and kind to everyone. Tell them to stop oppressing widows and orphans, foreigners and poor people and to stop plotting evil against each other."

Friday, June 26, 2009

King of POP gets the" Pink Elephant Award"

Only in America do we selectively stick our heads in the sand on this hot topic. M.J's affect on America's mourners is dumbfounding. Only someone who sells 750 million records and has royalties nearing 1 billion dollars can be given so much grace to spend 20 million dollars to make just one of his child molestation charges poof "go away!" A guy who's earned his nick name whacko jacko with a series or clear pattern of openly freakish tendencies. Just another person who is acting out from apparently, his own molestations when he was a young child. He is practically worshiped and is let off the hook so generously when it comes to all the young boys he admits he had let sleep with him in his bed. Children of his own; yes, he had to buy to keep to himself for God knows what! An addict, spendaholic and he was out of control, he was wildly unhappy with himself and seemed a danger to innocent children but OH, the awestruck parents still had let their own children go to him! We watched his bizarre behaviors and his life unravel before our eyes. We just pretend NOT to see the pink elephant in the living room. HIS star power and money made him so untouchable to be accountable or receive HELP! However oddly, things ended in his own premature death sadly, by addiction.

I wouldn't be surprised if our own:
#1 'devoted to be divisive', (home wrecking, wickedly deceitful, manipulative) CPS case worker Rita, and as she teams up with the
#2 offending, calculating, dirty, small town detective Tony who used unlawful, manufactured evidence and police activity to coerce and sufficiently overbear the will of the victim/witness's to testify and
#3 the unscrupulous and unprofessional prosecutor with a 'way too personal vendetta' who too would all be great fans of the King of Pop! Oh, I bet they too would be easily bought off with a bit in the $$20 million to sweep the real deed under the carpet so no one would know and do his bidding with a smile!! She acted only to serve herself with a stroke for her resume with no regard for the truth.
Even our #4 biased Judge "Hell on Wheels" who blocked all admission of testimony and facts that would prove the defendant's innocence.....he too would jump on that bandwagon and be star struck himself out of the need for public approval had this Michael Jackson molestation occurred in his small town. These are our four state paid employees who are lacking character themselves. Easily motivated by money rather than ethic's or the TRUTH!

Oh well, this life in America is a quandary of values and priorities. If only, we would have had just $100,000 for a decent defense, our innocent man might not be in prison and perhaps our star witness would finally have gotten the real help her mother has begged for all along for her issues. These are issues that have been obvious to EVERYONE that has known her all her life!

There is NOTHING to be envied about M.J., nothing. This doesn't sound very loving I know. It's just that this is a sickening and a crazy world we live in. Ethic's and morals askew ed.

Whether he knew the Savior at the moment of his death is the only thing that will matter, and to anyone when they cross over to meet the Lord. Don't be caught dead without Jesus! It is Jesus who came to heal the broken hearted, Jesus is the one who sets us free from our demons and HE can throw the prison doors wide open for those who believe!

Selah..... Enjoy this song the MIDNIGHT CRY sung by Charles Billingsley

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Power of Denial

Sometimes denial can be protective from that we choose not to face. How long can we live our lives pretending thus and so did not happen? Just carrying on and all the while pretending NOT to see the PINK ELEPHANT in the living room? Everyone can see it but they choose to pretend they don't see it. Sound familiar? This is a common coping mechanism for many with all different kind of unpleasant issues they bear not, look at or take responsibility for. Chronic panic attacks is a symptom of denial deep within.

In our case, putting an innocent man in prison from a silly make believe story that was so far fetched and inconsistent between all four versions! But really the crime in all this is the detectives and prosecutor that wove and orchestrated this story into "one" of their own making that the jury could believe. The CPS/detectives/prosecutor lied to the witnesses and manipulated them. Not even the girls are aware of what story was told by the prosecutions case! Think there is a 'fair" trial available to all accused? NO! Prosecutors blocking from the jury all the history/facts and diagnosis behind all the very different versions told by the troubled historian.

This is guilty until proven innocent in America and how the side with unlimited $$$ resources can railroad a verdict of their choosing by manipulating jury's with very limited insight of the FACTS! Having an ineffective attorney that fails to bring out the inconsistencies and fails to cross examine is another big detriment! God is bigger than this blunder! It takes alot of work to keep a lie hidden. Alot of negative energy. It often manifests itself in sickness. Unless of course there are other psychological factors at play that allows one to believe their own delusions.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amazing Grace

Listen to this song and imagine fighting for your life, alone, unable to receive comfort from those you love, stricken with illness and being taken to the hospital in chains and shackles and handcuffs (from a crime you did not commit) to be treated by people who judge and despise your presence there. It must be a humbling experience to be one of "them" when you use to serve as a paramedic! God has not hidden his eye from any part or detail of this story. Good things will come out of this. Good things that will touch the world! God speed for a quick recovery.
We find comfort, strength, hope and purpose in these words:
Even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. And do not be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled! But in your hearts set apart Christ as LORD. Always be ready to give an answer to those who ask you for a reason for the hope that is in you, but do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may they be ashamed of their slander. It is better, if it is God's will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. For Christ died for sins once for all, the just and the unjust to bring us to God. I Peter 3:14-18

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There Will Be a Day!

Since 9-05 I have been asked repeatedly, so many times how do we do it? How is that we survive the insanity and onslaught of injustice? To be wrongfully accused and still seem to radiate the "light" beaming from our faces! I'm not sure how we do it other than yielding all to our HIGHER power who can see the beginning and the end all at once and to hold on tight to our faith that HE can make all things right as we surrender to his will. Sometimes hearing a song that stops us in our tracks in an instant that we can draw strength and hope from like this one

"Whatever You're Doing"

This site is full of inspirational songs that we can draw encouragement from or wish to dedicate to the children and grandchildren whom we have never stopped loving. Many of these songs are for them too if we had a chance to share with them we would! Like this one called:

"Slow Fade"

God sees everything. Every heart, every scene played out before our eyes, every pain and every tear. His arms are wide open for healing and restoration and salvation.
Sometimes truthfully, we take turns and feel like just giving up. The pain of our cruel betrayals and its outcome is just too hard to bare. But usually it is just a fleeting thought because the inner "peace" we share in the midst of our trial is quite remarkable. I hold on to the faith that says, there will be a day.... where the pain will be no more. Also maybe the peace from God comes in this way:
Phillippians 4:6,7
By prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, that surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts.
So our peace comes from being before the Lord...making our request be known unto Him. What is our prayer anyway you may ask? Please join your faith with ours for righteousness and TRUTH to prevail for healing and restoration and salvation for ALL who are involved in our story. Until we see that day come to pass ....we will NOT faint in our day of adversity because

There WILL be a day!

And, "That's all I know!"

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why pray if you worry? Why worry if you pray?

Life goes on......This is a new year and will bring "a fresh new life", new hope and a strengthened new trust and faith unto Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.... as a prisoner for the Lord, we shall live a life worthy of the calling we have received. We are not in charge. We are powerless over our situation and over others who choose not to come into the light. We are to remain humble, gentle and patient, bearing with one another in love. We will make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. We will continue to love and pray for those in our world who have chosen the darkness over the light. There are those who are darkened in their understanding and separated from God's truth because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.... We are all commanded the same teaching and that is to put off all falsehood and speak truthfully.
Listen to this song:
We will carefully choose to speak (not unwholesome talk) only what is good and helpful to the building up of those we love according to their needs. We choose to be kind and compassionate to one another and forgiving toward those who have wronged us. We choose love and will turn our back on any form of anger, bitterness, rage, brawling or slander of any kind. There are days in life where it is appropriate to "detach with love". We have always chosen to have no part in the evil deeds of darkness but rather will expose them. We will have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but will always welcome loving relationships built upon the foundation of love and truth and honesty. This may just be the Year of our Lord. Jesus is coming! We will watch and keep an eye on Israel and what is happening there! We will be careful how we live and shall make the most of every opportunity giving thanks unto God for everything because this is what He commands for us. We will be ready to face the Lord with what we have done and with what we have been given! God's peace be unto you. We'll strive to be at peace with all men as much as it is in our power to do so. May it indeed, be a Happy New Year for all.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas! We pray that you each, get "everything" you need!

As this season approaches we are both so grateful for all the LOVE and support and your prayers. We can know and feel we are loved! Thank you to each who have been a part of our difficult experience and have given to us in ways we can never repay. We can only PASS IT FORWARD. We know that God is in control. We experience God's grace and kindness through acts of goodness. WE believe and take great pains to say we hope that OUR past will NOT become someone elses future. I heard this recently and find it a profound impact which describes my journey in life thus far. In fact, it is a great question to ask ourselves as a personal inventory of sorts. Ask yourself this as you ring in the New YEAR, "Has my past affected someone elses future?" Perhaps a thing that happened in my past (a long time ago)has had a negative influence on me and now to someone elses future who is totally unaware of the trauma's done to my soul. If they should push my buttons, they can make me act out and hurt an innocent bystander or whoever happens to be close to me now! This is what they call "projecting." We all do it to some degree I expect. This is God showing us what we still have to work on in ourselves. All I know is I can turn over to GOD all that is out of my power to control. I can live my days continually doing goodness and kind deeds in secret to others just like Saint Nicholas. He is a good role model for us to emulate all the year long! God's Blessing to each and everyone. You know who you are! And to my girls and grandchildren though we have been separated by injustice, I have never stopped loving you and miss you very much.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

To Be as SICK as your Secrets??? What good is in that?

"I didn't cause it. I can't change it. I can't control it."--but we can't help but wonder:
When will everyone start telling the truth? Is staying in FEAR stronger than the need for obtaining peace? Pain, suffering and agony are the only the result from betrayal and lies. We are only for the journey toward truth and healing and healing and truth. We can not have one without the other. Secrets and lies trying to be kept a secret is like trying to hold a ball under water. We struggle and struggle to keep the truth out of site but eventually the ball pops up out of the water for all to see. It's time to walk through a new door....

Today we ponder the poem below:

Sick As Secrets

You're only as sick as your secrets

The things you keep inside

The stories so awful, so hurtful ~ YOU think

The ones you choose to hide

The feelings you wall off and keep at bay

The past you regret each and every day

The memories you wish would never be

The stuff you hope no one ever sees

You're only as sick as your secrets

The longer you hide them you'll find

They'll rob you of joy and sanity

They'll drive you right out of your mind

They'll keep you from living life to the full

They'll tug at your heart, push and pull

You apart ~ like a puzzle, piece by piece

Turning others away 'cause your thinkin' stinks

You're only as sick as your secrets

And make no mistake, my friend

When you dig them up and throw them away

Your heart will unburden and in the end

You'll be free of guilt, shame and false pride

The Lord will protect you and give new life

You're only as sick as your secrets

Aren't you tired of being sick?

Then turn them over to God right now

Do it this moment... hurry, be quick

He already knows everything you hide

He's just waiting for you to stop living the lie

That your secrets define you ~ that they're who you are

That's the work of the devil and it's so far

From the Truth ~ give it up and throw it away

Walk in the Light... today is the day

You're no longer sick ~ you've no secrets to hide

Give it to God... there's the key to life

Yes, you're only as sick as your secrets

But that's not you...anymore.

Today we give thanks. Our hearts and lives have been laid bare and vulnerable to the pursuit of God's truth. We are thankful that what the devil has meant for evil God can turn for good. We still believe that God can do miracles for justice and truth and healing and restoration.
"I didn't cause it. I can't change it. I can't control it."-- I guess the rest is not my business to know right now!
10 things to know about lying:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hope, Help and Healing for the broken hearts...

Just as the sea is faithful to keep coming back to shore...wave after wave it does its magic and after the tide pulls back there are treasures uncovered. I'm thinking of sea glass. Its is so soft and beautiful and translucent holding it up to the suns light but, at first it was just a piece of broken glass, very sharp and dangerous and able to cut deep in an instant. This is our proof that God can take ALL things and turn them for something good for those who belong to Christ Jesus and believe.

The next step is Forgiveness. Without it God cannot do the miracles in the other's lives! Turning over our excruciating pain and hurt from cruel betrayals and lies is not easy but necessary because we are not in charge, GOD IS! He has always had a higher plan than what we can see at the moment. Our purpose is to trust and obey and stay out of His way in the healing of someone else's wayward soul.....ours is forgiveness to ALL those who have caused us harm and to pray without ceasing. Those who have hurt us do cry out for their own FORGIVENESS so they can be set free from their own sin, so they can find grace and peace. YES! So be it... Some in our story are easier to forgive than others.....

Listen to Bob Carlisle sing FORGIVENESS:

How do we forgive evil doers with unrepentive hearts? Our struggle is huge but we know if we don't forgive them then our Heavenly Father cannot forgive us for our trespasses.... so we try...but in this process


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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our's is a LOVE of a lifetime hard hit by terrorists!

Some people only dream of a love, devoted and true like ours. We, so well suited for each other. A commitment to honor, cherish, serve and protect that love against the fiery darts of the enemy. Love is patient and kind, never irritable touchy or rude, never demands its own way and believes the best of one another and love is long suffering and neither height nor depth nor principalities or powers shall separate the true and pure bond of God's love. We were a comitted team to be a blessing and support to our children and grandchildren. We were a "safe place to land!" The world is often jealous of this kind of devotion. Sure, we are out numbered in this fight, it seems, but we will continue to stand for what is right. We stand united always for healing and truth and righteousness to prevail. When we know not what else to do we will still be standing for healing and truth or truth and healing. What the devil has meant for evil GOD will turn for good and we believe and have hope that HE will touch the world with a painful story that can bring HIM all the glory. We can never hide the evil that has been done to place an innocent man in prison but rather our stance has been to expose it and the result has been unfavorable to us for now. But we know God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and has planted the sun and the moon and stars in the sky. God is more than able to perfect that which concerns us for His holy will to be done. Restoration and healing to a family shattered by terrorist acts is certainly not too hard for God! We do ask for your continued prayers...........

Friday, September 5, 2008

Constitutional Rights Violated?

Who will uphold the rights of the wrongfully accused in America when the slaughter of innocent lives is led by those abusing their powers???? Guilty until proven innocent has rallied in our courts and by those state paid officials who are immune to a moral reality but instead devoted to rigging and manipulating jury's. Making a vicious game to only WIN cases for a 'newspaper article' or a promotion or kickback $$$$ holding no regard for the truth, for justice or upholding the American way our forefathers fought to implement. The fact is, they don't care about doing what is right, they are just addicted to power and only want to WIN.

Today we dedicate this post specifically to those who deliberately and deceitfully contributed to the demise of our wrongful accusation and who also knew better in our incomprehensible miscarriage of justice:

Our appointed CPS caseworker who habitually turned a blind eye to the details leading to the truth about our accusers and the accused. This CPS dept never did there own investigation and did only harm to our child. Never got her proper help or therapy. They withheld all information, lies and reports from the accused and ran from anything we or other witnesses had to say about what was really going on. They lied about almost everything. They assisted placing the 14 yr old daughter in a unsuitable home where she could freely party and get drug addicted, freely become sexually active with no boundaries. They reunite her and drop her off to live with her real molester who was only allowed supervised visits for 13 years and thus had chose not to contact her at all until this arrangement. After 4 months she ran away from there too. Today, at 17 she is in a home of her own 1st choice where she could freely drop out of high school along with the other teen girls in the house who were allowed to drop out as well.. Good one Rita! It is all about you who could have handled this differently.

The foolish, "over" zealous, new detective that led the SWAT team to break down our door and holding guns to our heads, faces on the floor shouting CONFESS, CONFESS as our first contact! Ransacking our house finding nothing to back up there claims. Nothing!!!! Yet, after seizing 4 computers they wait 9 months then finding 1 weird (not illegal!) old picture on a computer which they orchestrate a case upon for an arrest. They planted some of their own images/manipulated evidence to go with it that was not included in the charges. Always withholding these images from the defense....until 1 hour before trial. Only they planted them on the wrong computer solely to manipulate the jury! Never mind that the teen girls were seductively swooning over the big tall detective in hopes that he would be charmed by them as well! What did he get out of this? His name in the paper too? Yes.

Prosecutor who was a (rumored)molested child herself hellbent on seeing another man burn regardless of the fact he is innocent. She acting unprofessional and manipulating the case and jury to only WIN. Fabricating a drama of her own making that she 'wanted it to be' instead of the truth itself. All the while intending to use this case to catapult her very young career!

The shameful Judge who allowed the prosecutorial misconduct in the courtroom and blocked all motions, testimony and evidence for the real truth to come out for the jury to know and clearly who was biased for the prosecution rather than the justice and the truth.
Exactly WHO hand picked the pool for this jury?? And carefully planning to send them to deliberate after a 4 day trial on a friday afternoon at 4 pm so they delivered the verdict in 1 hour to avoid coming back on Monday!!!!
And exactly who bought off our defense attorney to fumble up what questions to ask each witness or to not cross examine accusers or meet with his client prior to trial, nor hiring his own investigator or expert witness etc etc etc????!!!!! Why was he so unprepared? Was it an Alzheimer act or not enough retainer money?

This is the caliber of people that just don't care who are ruining lives in America. To each of you:
You are gonna lose! Someday you will lose because you cannot carry that much contempt without it becoming malignant until one day you will be all alone in a room full of shadows and all you are going to have is the memory of all those people whose lives you have destroyed.

Have hands smeared with innocent blood to take with you where you will go from here?
For more information about the deadly game of jury manipulation see the insightful John Grisham movie Runaway Jury which that quote is found and gave us another epiphany moment! It is indeed more real than we realize! We have lived it on a front row seat!
Listen to Dr. Rose briefly describe our story:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bad things happen to good people!

We are not alone in history when this kind of betrayal thing happens. It rains on the just and the unjust! Who knows which way the tree will fall? Who knew when the story telling of a rebellious teen would sever relationships like a death and destroy innocent lives and leave a trail of wounded? You know life is short and we never know when it will be ended abruptly. The only thing that really matters is if you were to die today, would you be ready to face God with the choices you have made? Will there be things left unsaid with the people in your life? And what kind of legacy will your life have left behind? Will you hear the words, "Well done my good and faithful servant" or will it be "I never knew you"???

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest just lost his son in a car accident last week while driving to church. He was a handsome 33 year old married man with a wife, child and another baby on the way. He loved the Lord and is in heaven today. His family's hearts are broken but hear Greg share only 3 days after getting that horrible news about his son: "I Still believe" he says

Are you ready to walk the path toward the light?
No matter what, "We still believe!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beauty for ashes....

Planting seeds (or ugly old bulbs!) that are nurtured in love, in time, will produce something wonderful for the whole world to enjoy! It's bound to happen, something good when all the elements of God's handiwork is complete. It's like the truth, it will come forth like a light beam shining into the darkest night! Watch and see....God only "allows" things to happen in our lives for a reason! We must be patient and know HE see's everything and trust in HIS timing, not ours.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Re-Visiting the Path of Destruction?

As we take a stroll down memory lane, at the ocean side, it is unnerving to realize the impact of devastation that has occurred due to one person's sins done to another in a dark, secret place so many years ago. To see how many "other" lives that have been harmed in addition to the victim as the result of the sick violation done to the innocent child (as a 3 year old) and the waves of hurt that just keep rolling in, affecting so many people in so many ways. Standing before God someday will be very interesting. To think "He" does not notice the deeds done when no one else can see......and to have the trickle down affect from it be clear and the horror of it be made plain. Selah. Someone has said once, " we are as sick as our secrets. "
Do visit 1 COR 4:2-5 and Eccl 12:13,14 and Matt 12:33-36 and Prov 6:16-19....Everyone in our saga will be measured by the same stick, of this we can be sure!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

State Falsely accuses 3,000 of child abuse!

It could be a beautiful "season of your life" and then the dark evil cloud of injustice obliterates innocent families via CPS and over zealous prosecutors!

This is just ONE state!!!!!! Read on and WELCOME to America!
Who said recently "the the innocent don't end up in prison for no reason????"

State falsely accuses 3,000 of child abuse
Investigators have 'power of God,' can ruin life with stroke of pen!

Posted: May 15, 200811:45 pm Eastern© 2008 WorldNetDaily

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services erroneously labeled 3,051 innocent people as child abusers by placing them on the state's official list.
According to a Belleville News-Democrat investigation, 11,473 people have appealed to strike their names from the state record. The list has a 27 percent error rate of parents falsely accused of abuse. Once on the list, people are required to remain there for a minimum of five years.
"They're not all bad, there are good ones," Nick Brunstein reportedly said of state child abuse investigators, "but the bad ones have the power of God, and with the stroke of a pen they can ruin your life."
Brunstein is a former foster parent who won his 2-year fight against DCFS to clear his name after his 11-year-old foster daughter, diagnosed with schizophrenic and bipolar disorder, accused him and his wife, Judi, of physical and emotional abuse. The girl claimed the family harmed her by requiring the children to do chores and homework.
The Brunsteins lost $20,000 in lawyer fees, and three daughters they had planned to adopt, ages 2, 5 and 11, were permanently removed from their custody.

The Belleville newspaper reported more than 80,000 people were placed on the State Central Register from Jan. 1, 2002, through Aug. 1, 2007. Another 1,426 appeals have been denied, 3,178 have been discarded or withdrawn by the accused, 3,289 have been closed or dismissed though administrative processes, and 529 appeals were pending.
A DCFS spokesman, Kendall Marlowe, said errors can be made, but that most of the people on the child abuse list are legitimately placed there.
"A lot of what happens at these hearings is it becomes a legal process, not ... whether it happened or not, but whether enough evidence is presented," Meryl Paniak, the DCFS' chief administrative law judge told the paper. "So does that mean some people are probably unfounded and shouldn't be? Yes. And it's the same thing with some who are indicated and probably shouldn't be."
However, attorneys who represent parents at appeals hearings have called child abuse investigations flawed and unreliable. In 2006, the News-Democrat reported that 53 children died while they were under DCFS' care following sloppy investigations by caseworkers.

This is exactly how it played out in our story. We are NOT alone in this STATE induced coercive nightmare. Or from the words of a girl with more diagnosis' covered up by the scandal of our STATE! We are paying the price for the one man who got away with it! OUR CPS dept admitted to the juvenile Judge in court that they NEVER did an investigation after 9 months into the case! They just pursued a story from a girl with 5 diagnosed mental conditions ....... never checking it out!
Way to go! CPS destroying innocent lives......

But to my little girls who Mommy loves always in addition to "each" of my grandchildren.....You are LOVED by us both!!!!!! Listen :

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Listen to Martina McBride singing - ANYWAY

This song is the reflection of a mother's love, years of energy and devotion poured into the hearts and lives of her children who at anytime can walk away as if you were never there. But this Mom will always love them anyway! She will dream of goodness, righteousness and truth to prevail on their behalf. She will dream of healing and restoration for their souls always......and will continue to be loyal and pray, never ceasing.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why did she run away again????

We never know what is stirring beneath the surface. Things aren't always as they seem on the top are they? Which leads us to the big question now: Why did our darling girl run away from her real father after just 4 months in his home? Did she remember everything he did to her as a toddler or did she just want to bust out of the boundaries again to run with the girls who get to go wild and free where there are no rules back at her big sisters house? Which is it?

Mary Ann do tell why she ran.......big sister's house after all was her original destination plan when she ran from us in Sep 05 but it back fired on her. It was not a healthy place to be. Maybe CPS won't care anymore where she goes because they cannot control that girl. But obviously, now nor could daddy OR mommy! This is why she needs the proper help for her emotional disorders but no body would listen to mommy would they????

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Listen now to "Bye Bye" by Mariah Carey

Here is a song we dedicate to the those hurting and all lost relationships that has become the steep cost from wrongful accusations.

Friday, April 4, 2008

What's the POINT?

The point of this site is to raise awareness of what is happening to teens who have been scarred by sexual abuse at such an early age. Our girl was 3. She explicitly described what her "Daddy does to me!" The inappropriate behaviors and sexual tendencies they demonstrate as they enter puberty. The sexual behaviors were uncomfortable to see from a child 5-6-7 years old. The multiple personality disorders and trauma's that arise from such abuse and what it is like living with a child hurt this way. Even though they are far removed from the abuse and protected for years unharmed, they still have a way of turning south though they are in the best of families.

The point also is to imagine you, yourself of being innocent and placed in prison for something you did not do. Especially if labeled a child sex abuser. To be falsely accused and not having the spare $$$ of $100,000(PLUS!) to be properly defended. Watching the system fail to uncover the truth. Rather watching the system wildly squash a happy and innocent family because they can and of course everyone hates a real child abuser! To become a "fall guy" for someone else's sins is hard to digest. To believe the truth will come out and watch the STATE do everything to BLOCK the truth from coming out is incomprehensible. For the State to acknowledge the graveness of the child's lies and personality disorders from her prior abuse would cause them to be wrong about this story. SO, They simply shun the determined mother (who loved and protected her child) as if she was absent from the whole new experience while alledging step dad doing such far fetched deeds. No proof. No DNA. Coached, mixed up, snowballing stories. Slammed by a system with all the money to do so and never helping the sick girl with her many problems she is not in control of. MOM begged in juvenile court to have daughter placed in rehab/camp for children with these issues. Mom even wrote DR. PHIL months before this story broke to help find somewhere that could help her daughter in her manipulative issues popping up. CPS instead enabled her dysfunction and dumps her out of their system anyway they can. They did not know WHAT to do with her and her patterns of sabatoging her home life. That is, they dump her into the hands of the very father she accused at age 3. He who by choice, remained completely absent from her for 13 years. Not a peep out of him! Why silent, if he did not do it? He did not work it out with the requirements to see her and visit her EVER! Only he can answer that. And so we hear he has a big exuse now, he's a minister?! Let's ALL do a polygraph together as a family! So every single person in this psychodrama can be accountable for their part.

We believe that a polygraph test should be mandatory for all involved. Every person in our story who played a part. The accusers. The accused. At best some dishonest and lying CPS/Detectives should initiate this before taking the ball and running with it in the future. Then they wouldn't have to frame innocent folks! This could have saved the STATE a million $$. What about these criminal cases where it is not true? There are many people in prison who are innocent so we find out now. The Innocence Project and others have these stories in the news all the time now setting the prisoners free after years of being in prison due to a sham trial. All because of a failure to investigate, a lousy defense and zealous prosecutors who need to meet their quota with a big case and a WIN for their resume.

We stand fast for the truth to surface with the HOPE our story can touch the world and change lives and legislation someday. Mostly we stand for the truth to come forth so that the sick may be healed. For help to come for the lost and hurting in our story. For relationships to be restored in wholeness and truth and love. Vindication for the wrongfully accused. That is the point. That is why we share our story here with the world. The story never made known to the "jury"!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Grateful to be Forgiven! Celebrating the Risen Savior!

Part of our own forgiveness and redemption lies in forgiving those who have sinned against US! Suffering evil injustice and betrayal is nothing new under the sun. Jesus Christ was our example in dealing with such things himself! He was misunderstood and denied in His circle and sphere of influence. His hometown did not receive HIM! He was God come to us in the flesh! But people did not believe him or his disciples. They were threatened by His TRUTH and message. They wanted what they wanted instead and did not relent until HE was crucified before their eyes! This brought them temporary and false relief. They failed to recognize WHO they had in their midst. What we understand next is: there is NO rest for the wicked......none!

Sitting in prison for something you DID NOT do and knowing everyone involved knows it can bring hurt and dispair to the normal person. We have chosen to believe instead that with GOD all things are possible. God will work all things for good for those who are in Christ Jesus and trust their lives within HIS hands. He has a bigger plan for health and healing than what we can see at the moment. Jesus had to be put to death for something he did not deserve for there to be NEW LIFE. So if these drastic measures brought something great and wonderful for all of mankind than so can our inconvenience and injustice! It is by the "goodness of God" that men come to repentance with Godly sorrow for their sins. When that happens who knows what God will do next! We are hopeful for something great and miraculous to take place out of this horrible experience. HE knew before we did that we'd be hurled into this unwelcomed journey. Yet, we are still led and sustained by HIS peace in this ordeal. A peace that is not of this world. We hope you know this peace in your soul that we speak of.

We who sit wrongfully accused cling to The Promise of a Lifetime and rest assured that HE will never leave us or forsake us. Visit also our songlist we have for inspiration......

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sharing our Experience, Strength and Hope

THIS IS A REAL STORY of a wholesome two parent family blown to bits by the story of a mentally disturbed child who suffered sexual abuse at age 3 and what can happen to a family raising a child such as this.

I have loved my girls with only a mother's love and my instincts to protect have been in full force. But what else can we do really but honestly share our experience to help someone else who may be raising a child who was sexually abused at an early age and forewarn what the behaviors are to expect from a child who was damaged by the one who stole their innocence so brutally. Also may our experience alarm the world at the steps that are taken by tax paid state working folks to destroy innocent families and have no regard for the truth or getting these children the proper help they desperately need. FRAMING someone or anyone to make it go well for their promotion or careers. Sacrificing innocent lives in the process. If all it was to take was to love them into wholeness then my special needs girl would be well because that was the home she came from when she chose her own road instead.

She lived in a stable 2 parent family that provided a clean, peaceful and organized home. She loved her MOM and was like bondini to her all the years and then she truly loved her step dad who was kind and active in helping her in different things she needed. At our home, there were bedtimes, meals together and ethic's and morals and structure. Protecting her from unwholesome influences was a full time job! We had a garden, a greenhouse, fresh vegetables and health food. We lived a drug and alcohol free existence all her days in my home since 4 years old. We had faith in God to take care of us. Our grand kids also found our home a peaceful loving haven and came as often as they could. They kept coming back. They each "wished" they could stay and live with us. None was abused at my home ever! Though there were hard years working thru the trauma caused by my daughters abuse as a young child (unfortunately, whom she claimed to all was by her real "daddy B" ) we worked through it and was at a content place in life, happy until we moved near her oldest sister when she was 14. It all began to circle the drain from there. She was hitting puberty and began to do the things the therapists and psychologists warned me she would do. My daughter is emotionally disturbed from her prior abuse and was fulfilling the tendencies these kids have in-born by sexual abuse.
It doesn't matter what the girls did it will never change how much I love them. A mother's love endures all and they will always be at the top of my prayer list. What I learned the hard way was not to allow them to lie and manipulate their way into anything but to confront and challenge and I did and they hated it! When they opened this wicked can of deceipt, they knew not how to stop or undo it so with the help and intimidation and nudging from the powers at be, CPS, detectives who failed to do the proper investigation and then prosecutors who needed a BIG ONE for their resume, our lives were shattered on a set of lies and storytelling =by the girls who could not turn back. They fell into the excitement and drama and attention and entourage they were given as "victims" via lies.

As a mother that was devoted and protective of both my girls influences I knew when it was true and I know when it was not. At age 14 that story of hers was a complete false accusation on me and her step dad whom she really did care about. But off and running the sick and tainted story tellers were allowed full reign and support to do their damage without counting the cost. I was a good mother and my daughters loved me. In their own issues of dysfunction which I refused to "enable" they in anger turned on me and here we lie. Relationship in ruins, betrayal at its fullest and an innocent man in prison framed with "no defense to speak of" because of the little money we had available that paid for the inferior defense we received. No justice was served, there was NO fair trial, the full evidence was not allowed to be seen by the jury and my daughter has yet to be helped as her behaviors have escalated into criminal behavior. In fact she was dumped into the hands of the father who was missing from her life 13 years because he did not challenge the child's charges of sexual abuse. Because it happened in another state he got away with it. I never pursued him or gave it a thought since he was staying away. I truly had enough on my plate than go after him and really I was working through my own issues of forgiving him for what had happened to her. He had refused a polygraph or any supervised visits when she was young and chose himself, his ministry and new wife over a relationship with his daughter. He chose NOT to cooperate with the requirements for visitation posed by CPS back then. But now the all NEW CPS has currently handed her over too him on a silver platter with no questions asked! So now, as his angry and misled wife (who does not know me nor was she present during the ugliness in full bloom!) writes on this blog this week, she claims the ministers innocence all along, yet as a good politician would do 'as his campaign manager' is drag me through some slime to blame me. She's tried to make me look like it was my doing or my karma, my fault he did it or better yet some mystical boyfriend I was evidently having an affair with did it. Well, its very nice to find out what story he must have told his nice family all these years but it's just not true. She has never walked in my shoes one day! It's all right, I understand. I did not want to believe he did it either but it was out of the mouth of "babes". I did not leave my husband for another man. I left the minister because our other daughter had died from cancer, we were both broken and devastated and he was drinking too much and not handling it well and his behavior was scaring me (and his only son living with us!) The son who had to drive him around after he lost his license from alcohol. He was staying out all night then and was scripture whipping me constantly. Counseling was not helping so I moved out into a peaceful little apartment. Only for a couple months. He kept coming to get our daughter for regular visits then she started freaking out in terror to go with him. Begged me not to let her go. He had kept her for 10 days TOO long without a call to me. I was frantic he had kidnapped her. She was never the same girl after that at 3 was able to say the things her "daddy" did to her. That is when I left the state to protect her from further abuse! Now his new wife thinks there was a man in my apartment that did it. Well the "man" was my husbands friend and he had a 2 year old too. We talked some and shared some babysitting but she wasn't afraid of him, only her real father and she knew exactly who her "daddy" was! NOW I know this for sure: that if her father did not do it, he would have personally killed that guy his friend who he thought hurt her without thinking about it! Not save that "alibi" story for 13 years later as an excuse for not seeing his girl for all that time and running off to do the ministry instead! Well, God sees everything. They may deserve each other at this point which shall be interesting. Grace and strength to endure. I am only on the side of truth and healing. All I really care about is that my daughters both make it right and tell the truth. They will never be happy or well until they do. That is a fact. I Love them and pray for their healing and salvation and restoration of our relationship. I will never again play into their sickness and dishonesty. Never, they have become too dangerous. They scare me.

I want everyone in this story to submit to a unbiased polygraph to make it right. Dr Phil can be in charge! Those telling God's truth would have nothing to hide! Would they? Then we could all get on the same page for recovery, healing and honesty.

The sad thing about the real father and his new wife is that today all they can focus on is trashing me as a slut back when this happened or claiming its all about THEM and an attack on their ridiculous "ministry" instead of the horrible injustice and the molestation of his own daughter at age 3 and the scars it has left on her soul and how he abandoned her when he had the chance to make it right. At 17, she is acting out in a criminal way now and though they chose not to be involved in her life 13 years they just had her plopped in their laps recently by CPS with no choice really. They've been given amnesty just to take her off the STATES docket of $$$ responsibilities! They think that is being "vindicated" for the child's accusations as a 3 year old. God is in control. This is not over. He will take all these things and work them for good to those who believe and are wrongly accused and in prison!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Wrongfully Accused? How does this happen?

In our case a system that fails to do it's job. A system full of zealots, a wannabe ROBO COP detective new on the job goes gang busters on a story by a disturbed teen(who was molested at age 3!) who just wanted OUT of her "strict home" and bondage of home rules and structure to go with the local GIRLS GONE WILD! A detective who fails to find any truth to the story by evidence, prior history etc, etc, for 9 months after doing the only thing HE DOES do: BUST down the front door with a SWAT team to search and seize holding the parents to gunpoint to the head shouting CONFESS finding nothing to support the girls claims!! He fails to do his homework, research, joins in cahoots with a corrupt CPS system who never dis-believes the child accusing. A CPS system should be privy to the inappropriate twisted tendencies of a blooming teen who was molested at such a young age! But no! A system blocking EVERY witness testimony who knew the accuser's behaviors since a toddler. Submitting planted computer images (available 1 hour prior to trial) from a computer kept in a mechanic shop. Prosecutors who abuse their power and states resources and busts forward to destroy innocent lives, blocking all testimony that would prove innocence and all for a high profile notoriety case on a subject she(Ms. Prosecutor) maybe biased as to being a victim herself! Seems so by her unprofessional performance in court to manipulate the jury.

Not having $100,000 for your defense on hand to defend false allegations. Instead, you get an attorney who never spends more than 1 hour total time with the wrongfully accused prior to trial. Never hires his own investigator. An older retired attorney who appears confused and unprepared, who does NO CROSS EXAMINATION on prosecutors witnesses. Does not object to all the shanigans, leading questions, prosecutor facing the jury, rolling her eyes and all her body language showing her disdain. Does not bring up to the court all the ridiculous discrepancies in the delusional story. Does not study the facts or brings NO expert witness about anything about the case, ie: computer expert on the recently submitted images, psychologist review of all child's current and past mental conditions or asks each of the defense witnesses the proper questions!!!! Unbelievable. Off to prison because of a kangaroo court stonewalling the truth. A judge who clearly rules entirely for the cute young blonde, fake tan prosecutor who wears a tight short skirt hugging her every curve for the jury!

Again no evidence, no DNA, a simple he said she said! But because there was no $100,000 to spend on the defense it was a slam dunk frame job to cover up a series of mistakes on initial lack of detective work and CPS strong arming to win after being shamed by the doubting juvenile court judge because CPS never did their own investigation. CPS simply did what they always do and that is believe the child no matter what they say!

Right here in small town America where little small town folks paid by BIG tax payers money want to keep their jobs and get BIG recognition in their small town newspaper! What really will matter is: what they got to say to the Almighty one day about all the things they did in secret and what their MOTIVES were!

Number one way this happens is to have false accuser's with emotional disorders with no accountability!