Sunday, September 27, 2009

Truth or Lies?

Liars tend to miss out on inner peace and the soft beauty God has on display in the earth because they are too busy dwelling in the poison that consumes them. They hide and abide within the erected walls of stone that serves as a fortress empowering their dark secrets to stur and cause havock within the souls of those who tell stories of destruction. Nothing good can come from hurting and destroying innocent lives no matter what the motive may be.

This is an example if not ALL of what happened in our case by the prosecution/DHS/Dirty small town cop business:

Did you know --
Since 1970, individual judges and appellate court panels cited prosecutorial misconduct as a factor when dismissing charges at trial, reversing convictions or reducing sentences in at least 2,017 cases.
The nature of the questionable conduct includes:
Courtroom misconduct (making inappropriate or inflammatory comments in the presence of the jury; introducing or attempting to introduce inadmissible, inappropriate or inflammatory evidence; mischaracterizing the evidence or the facts of the case to the court or jury; committing violations pertaining to the selection of the jury; or making improper closing arguments);
Mishandling of physical evidence (hiding, destroying or tampering with evidence, case files or court records);
Failing to disclose exculpatory evidence;
Threatening, badgering or tampering with witnesses;
Using false or misleading evidence;
Harassing, displaying bias toward, or having a vendetta against the defendant or defendant’s counsel (including selective or vindictive prosecution, which includes instances of denial of a speedy trial);
Improper behavior during grand jury proceedings.

Info from the Innocent project.


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How many of these stories do we gotta see before we believe how screwed up the criminal justice system is putting innocent men in prison? They do it ALL the time because of this quota or that newpaper write up or for that notoriety or stepping stone for ones career to become a JUDGE next? regardless of the what truth is????
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Oct. 14) -- Prosecutors are saying a Kentucky man who served about nine years in prison for a shooting death and robbery is innocent.
Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney David Stengel said Tuesday that Edwin A. Chandler was innocent of the 1993 slaying of a convenience store clerk. Another man has been indicted in the killing.
Chandler's attorney, Marguerite Thomas, says a fingerprint on a beer bottle at the scene, along with two witnesses who came forward, cleared Chandler. Chandler was paroled in 2002.
Stengel offered his apologies and said he hoped to help Chandler receive restitution from the state.
A judge overturned Chandler's conviction Tuesday afternoon.
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Wrongfully Convicted Man Gets $14MBy DENISE LAVOIE, AP
328filed under: Crime News, National NewsWith HP wireless printers, you could have printed this from any room in the house. Live wirelessly. Print wirelessly.
(Oct. 20) - A federal jury awarded $14 million on Wednesday to a man who spent nearly 15 years in prison after he was wrongly convicted in the 1988 slaying of a 12-year-old Boston girl.
Shawn Drumgold filed a civil rights lawsuit against Boston police detective Timothy Callahan.
Shawn Drumgold, here in court in 2003, was wrongfully convicted of the murder of 12-year-old Darlene Tiffany Moore. A judge overturned his conviction in 2003 after a key witness recanted his testimony.

The U.S. District Court jury found last week after a civil trial that Callahan caused Drumgold's wrongful conviction by concealing the fact that he put a key prosecution witness up at a motel, gave him meals and $20 during Drumgold's trial.
Drumgold, 44, was convicted of killing Darlene Tiffany Moore, who was hit by stray bullets from gang crossfire while sitting on a mailbox in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood. A judge overturned the conviction and freed Drumgold in 2003 after that key witness, Ricky Evans, recanted his testimony.
The jury awarded Drumgold $14 million in compensatory damages, plus interest.
Drumgold, speaking briefly outside the courthouse, said he was "overwhelmed."
"I want to thank the jury, my mother, my wife, my daughters, for always being there for me," said Drumgold, who said no award could make up for what he experienced in prison.
"We are absolutely thrilled that the jury worked so hard," said Drumgold's attorney, Rosemary Scapicchio. "The fact that we held Detective Callahan responsible for withholding exculpatory evidence that led to Shawn's serving 15 years is just completely gratifying."
Hugh Curran, an attorney who represented Callahan during the trial, did not immediately return a call.
Curran had argued that prosecutors were aware at Drumgold's 1989 trial that Evans had been housed at the hotel, and contended that it was their responsibility, not his client's, to disclose the information to the defense.
A separate trial was scheduled later this year to determine the city of Boston's potential liability in the case.
A spokeswoman for the Boston police said the department had no comment on the jury's award and referred a call to city attorney William Sinnott, who did not immediately return a message.

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Have you quit blogging? Please update as I am going through the same insanity of false allegations based entirely on child hearsay with no evidence at all.