Friday, November 27, 2009

Being Thankful in the midst of INSANITY:

Yes, it is true, we really must find things to be grateful for even when it seems like everything good, true pure and right has seem to abandon us! Making a grateful list is a regular thing actually for us. Here is a go at it for today in light of all that has happened:
First of all we are grateful that number one: THERE is NO TRUTH AT ALL involved with our false allegations!
As long as God is GOD we have hope that the truth will arise! Even if it takes years we will NEVER give up on the hope of "God's version" of the truth and what happened coming forth and with the promise the TRUTH will set you FREE!
We are grateful for the support and encouragement and those who have contributed to our health , well being, provisions and sanity during an inbelievable series of events.
We are grateful today that finally the wheels are starting to fall off the bus when it comes to HOW this conviction was manipulated into being by dirty cop investigating and corrupt CPS workers and the weakness of the witness testimony that was used to manipulate the jury. The testimony that won't stand in an appeal with effective counsel.
So if you ARE going through a similar wrongful accusation please tap into and DEVOUR this great resource for hope and HOW an INVESTIGATION will turn the tables on your false accusations!


weathering a storm said...

I last posted a comment in April, shortly after having been indicted based on ridiculous and untrue accusations by my former stepchildren. I was excited to see a new post on the blog! It helps to know that you and others are still out there. By the way, you and your family are still in my daily thoughts and prayers. I too made a list of the people and things I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. It, somehow, seemed to help. I spent the holiday alone, as I am prohibited from even seeing my grandchildren and nephew, although my adult children and brother desparately want me to be a part of their lives. Christmas this year will be much the same. A tentative trial date has been set for next spring, although my attorney feels sure it will be pushed back even further. The "powers that be" are still pushing for me to confess to something I didn't do in exchange for a lighter sentence than a jury would likely hand down if I were to be convicted. I now see how an innocent person could consider doing this. It's just difficult to endure, day in and day out - especially knowing the cards are stacked against you. Again I ask for your prayers ... for God's strength and wisdom for my family and myself. Thank you for your encouragement and the resources you have made available! May God always bless you and your family!

Wrongfully Accused! said...

Hi Weathering the Storm! So sorry you are enduring the agaony of this process. I hope you and your attorney exhaust the investigators link on this post as to why you can NEVER confess to something you DID NOT DO!. We are praying for your outcome as well and appreciate your updates. Thank you and GOD BLESS!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here with tears thinking of my friend in prison this Christmas for a crime he did not do. He has been trying to stay strong with hope for someone to help him prove his innocence and prove that his trial was a sham of "justice", all because of fabrications of made-up charges by an emotionally damaged child who WAS molested by her own real father. Oh, my Father God, I ask You to bring true justice to my friend. Send someone who will help him to restore his good name and open the prison doors to live his life in freedom with his wife and family once again. I ask in Jesus' name...Billie

Anonymous said...

i cant beleive wat i have just read. i am a 24 year old girl an only child who was raised by my father while my mother worked. we now raise my 6 year old cousin wo has an older sister and brother, the older sister who is now 17 has made allugations towards my father which i know in my heart has not happend my father is such a good man, and now the 6 year old is bein taken away from us, as her mother is an alcholic there is a risk she might go in to care,, my heart is broke as well as my parents, i have asked God to appoint his an angels on this situation and help me.Please can i ask for some prayers as we really need them xxxxxx