Monday, March 1, 2010

So many stories.......

A POLYGRAPH! It has always been the answer in this case. The TRUTH will set us free. The TRUTH will bring healing. The TRUTH will restore what has been ripped away and stolen from us. Finally, some validation for all? God will notice every detail and hold us accountable.


Anonymous said...

Time goes by, but the realities and effects of this story does not go away, NOR will it ever until righteousness and truth prevails. No matter how hard we try and stick our head in the sand and pretend we did not play a part in masterfully painting a drama that did not exist. We can turn NOwhere that God does not see us and what we are doing today while there is a innocent LIFE that is trapped in prison as a result of being guilty until proven innocent. What if this was YOU?

Anonymous said...

Hey wrongully accused,
This sounds almost exactly like my situation. Word for word. It even happened in 2008 just like your story.
I now have lost almost everything I owned to defend myself. Then family members got a restraining order and sold most of my things. The sheriff dept. wouldn't even listen to me about this.
Luckily my daughter came forward and admitted that I had done nothing to her. But the county went on a Witch Hunt from where I was looking at it.
No one realizes it can happen to you until the county prosecutor comes after you. Armed with guns and a search warrant they kicked in my door, twice.
The lawyer really didn't believe me either in my opinion. It was all about the money to them.
I am lucky. My life is ruined, all by a teen that just didn't want to live by the home rules.
There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't feel sad about the whole thing. Now in my later years, I have to worry about how my wife and I are going to make it in retirement years. No money. Property lost and Family and friends have turned against me also. People want to believe the worst.
My daughter feels bad about it but she is really confused and has mental health problems. They didn't look into that at all.
They didn't take that into consideration along with her drug and alcohol use at the age of 14.
I stood firm and I got whacked.
I still have my wife with me.
Thanks to our belief in God, or I/we wouldn't have made it through all of this.

Anonymous said...

Shelly...I got a call at my home from a collection agency wanting to talk with you. I wasn't home but it was recorded. Do you know anything about it and how they got my number or why?
I also would like to ask you to forgive me for any where I hurt you in the past. I am so sorry. I want a pure heart with nothing in the way of me and God. Thank you. Mary Ann

Wrongfully Accused! said...

Thank you Mary Ann, I appreciate that and know I hold no ill will toward you for anything, in fact I understand. It wasn't until I stepped out of the whirlwind of madness that I was able to see clearly again. I am glad for you too being set free like that. Disregard any phone calls like that , I have no idea how who or what that call was about. It is not in power to deal with it anyway. Sincerely, Shelly

Anonymous said...

I was a key witness in this case and truth was never known to the jury. I would like to see all players before a polygraph test with BOTH sides of attorneys present. One by one all who contributed to the demise of this family. There were so many lies told on the stand that there is little possibility of any truth to any of it. DO IT SOMEBODY! Make it happen! There were lies about things that didn't even NEED to be lied ABOUT! aND ON THIS A FOOLISH PROSECUTOR FABRICATORED her OWN VERSION FOR THE JURY! SHAME ON HER! Oh wait! didn't she do this so she could be a small town Judge today? Feather in her cap eh? YEP.