Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can't get Healing until we face the pains of our past!

How do we ever reconcile the damage we are doing to ourselves and others? How do we break the destructive cycle of lying, manipulation and leaving a trail of wounded in our wake? How do we know "we are the ones" who need to make amends? What are the signals that I am the one out of control?

Do I obsess over details, my looks, my beauty, on working out or buying new clothes?
Do I spend money out of control on things I should NOT be spending it on due to other priorities?
Do I run away from the truth? Do I run from "people" who represent the truth? What is the truth? Who in my life "enables" me to stay in denial of the truth?
What do my closest friends and family say about my behaviors?
Am I addicted to meaningless sex? Alcohol? Drugs? Toxic relationships? Can I even "keep" meaningful relationships?
Do I sabotage healthy relationships? How many bridges have I burned with those who know me best? Do I just "use" people until they can't take it any more or until I have been found out? Do I delete people the minute my "charms" no longer work on them anymore?
Am I responsible? Do I pay my bills? Do I have a job and am I reliable to be there on time?
Can I finish any task I start? Can I obey the rules? The law?
Do I put GOD first in my life, then my own family, or job before doing whatever it is I feel like?
Am I honest? Do I tell the truth? Do I do the right thing when nobody is looking? CAN I DO THE RIGHT thing no matter what the consequences may be? Am I the same person no matter who I am associated with? Or do I tell people whatever they want to hear whenever they want to hear it, anytime anyplace whatever sounds good for the moment? Do I thrive on being the "star"? Can I perform in any given scenario?

Can I ever acknowledge the dark secret injury of my youth that happened to make me act this way and do these things? Will I ever face the TRUTH about myself and my real past? Do I WANT to be healed and stop the vicious cycle?

Getting Honest about my past:

12-step recovery may be the only program to get me honest with myself and other's and especially GOD! How long will I keep trying to lie to GOD about the devastations my actions have caused others? Where else do I begin the road to recovery and embracing "honesty" as a means for healing and making amends? Can I begin to share the darkest secrets of my youth that molded me this way?

I too must live life in a way that pleases the Lord for HIS blessings to permeate my actions!
How do I do this and where do I begin?
Living The TRUTH

3 places listed to start a journey of health and healing and all via HONESTY.

Surrender and confession to God and share with another person what I have done is a start....

This post is dedicated to those who wrongfully accuse and are afraid to tell the truth after all the pain and suffering their tales have caused.

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