Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oregon girl puts father in prison falsely accusing him of rape!

After 9 years and grown up at age 23 she decides to tell the truth. Good girl for that!
The alledged RAPE got a 15 year sentence. She lied about her Dad and the state RUNS with the sensational story. Now, they have no comment.


Anonymous said...

Oh, if only this man's accuser would have the courage to do the same as the woman in this recent case. I pray she will TRULY commit her life to the Lord Jesus, and ask that He would heal her blocked memories that she has pushed to the deepest part of her spirit, refusing to face what she has done with her multiple lies to an innocent man! I pray God will restore to her the memories and realization of who was the REAL person who actually molested her as a little child. I pray for her courage to face the truth and face up to her lies and apologize to a court and to the decent man whom she wronged and to her mom who continues to love her even with her own wounded heart.

Wrongfully Accused! said...

We correct the news story was a girl in Washington! Close enough tho doesn't matter where it happens, people lie and lie some more. This story presented to our accuser and she says," I was just a kid, what do you want me to do about it? Get over it!" "It happened 7 years ago!"