Sunday, August 21, 2011

In just 6 more minutes would be too late

It was the timely call to 911 as Mom had turned sheet white and passes out. Within minutes we learn that she has more ulcer's in her stomach than the doctor had ever seen at once! Years of pain, stress and the loss of her love of a lifetime. The loss of every physical item that a person can own. To be laid bare with only her faith and peace in her soul that someday God would make right, everything, that was made wrong. The chaplain in the hospital says, "You are precious in God's sight and you are going to touch alot of lives with your story someday." Selah. This day is a wake up call. What are we willing to sacrifice before we tell the whole story? The whole truth to the right people. Please let it not be the devastation of another innocent life. Let's make all things right TODAY and in this lifetime!

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Wrongfully Accused! said...

Good news , today Moms stomach is healed of ulcers amen! But the wild ride of insanity continues as the one with all the personality disorders tries to draw others into the next tangled web of lies...she continues to wipe out lives like a tornado of devastation! She leaves a trail of wounded by those who cannot be manipulated