Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There Will Be a Day!

Since 9-05 I have been asked repeatedly, so many times how do we do it? How is that we survive the insanity and onslaught of injustice? To be wrongfully accused and still seem to radiate the "light" beaming from our faces! I'm not sure how we do it other than yielding all to our HIGHER power who can see the beginning and the end all at once and to hold on tight to our faith that HE can make all things right as we surrender to his will. Sometimes hearing a song that stops us in our tracks in an instant that we can draw strength and hope from like this one

"Whatever You're Doing"

This site is full of inspirational songs that we can draw encouragement from or wish to dedicate to the children and grandchildren whom we have never stopped loving. Many of these songs are for them too if we had a chance to share with them we would! Like this one called:

"Slow Fade"

God sees everything. Every heart, every scene played out before our eyes, every pain and every tear. His arms are wide open for healing and restoration and salvation.
Sometimes truthfully, we take turns and feel like just giving up. The pain of our cruel betrayals and its outcome is just too hard to bare. But usually it is just a fleeting thought because the inner "peace" we share in the midst of our trial is quite remarkable. I hold on to the faith that says, there will be a day.... where the pain will be no more. Also maybe the peace from God comes in this way:
Phillippians 4:6,7
By prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, that surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts.
So our peace comes from being before the Lord...making our request be known unto Him. What is our prayer anyway you may ask? Please join your faith with ours for righteousness and TRUTH to prevail for healing and restoration and salvation for ALL who are involved in our story. Until we see that day come to pass ....we will NOT faint in our day of adversity because

There WILL be a day!

And, "That's all I know!"

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Anonymous said...

I cannot begin to fathom any reason why you have been burdened with so much. I can tell you that you are an amazing woman, just like Rex as he creates beauty with his cards in the midst of his cold injustice. I see awareness, growth and true beauty emanate from you. The two of you are a living example of the enduring power of true love and Spirit! God knows how I wish I had the power with one phone call to make it all go away and end for you. It amazes me that you have come to such acceptance of WHAT IS, yet you do not despair. I see hope in your eyes, through the pain. I hope I can go through the 2nd half of my life with even a smidgen of your fortitude. Somehow, someday this whole thing will make sense so ...I will pray for his release right up until the day it happens. God bless 'L'!