Monday, June 1, 2009

The Power of Denial

Sometimes denial can be protective from that we choose not to face. How long can we live our lives pretending thus and so did not happen? Just carrying on and all the while pretending NOT to see the PINK ELEPHANT in the living room? Everyone can see it but they choose to pretend they don't see it. Sound familiar? This is a common coping mechanism for many with all different kind of unpleasant issues they bear not, look at or take responsibility for. Chronic panic attacks is a symptom of denial deep within.

In our case, putting an innocent man in prison from a silly make believe story that was so far fetched and inconsistent between all four versions! But really the crime in all this is the detectives and prosecutor that wove and orchestrated this story into "one" of their own making that the jury could believe. The CPS/detectives/prosecutor lied to the witnesses and manipulated them. Not even the girls are aware of what story was told by the prosecutions case! Think there is a 'fair" trial available to all accused? NO! Prosecutors blocking from the jury all the history/facts and diagnosis behind all the very different versions told by the troubled historian.

This is guilty until proven innocent in America and how the side with unlimited $$$ resources can railroad a verdict of their choosing by manipulating jury's with very limited insight of the FACTS! Having an ineffective attorney that fails to bring out the inconsistencies and fails to cross examine is another big detriment! God is bigger than this blunder! It takes alot of work to keep a lie hidden. Alot of negative energy. It often manifests itself in sickness. Unless of course there are other psychological factors at play that allows one to believe their own delusions.


weathering a storm said...

First, I want you to know you are still in my daily thoughts and prayers. I posted on this blog, for the first time, a couple of months ago after having been accused of things I would never even consider doing. At that time I was still shocked more than scared, and scared more than devastated. Since that time, I have been indicted on criminal charges and am expecting an arraignment in the near future. I have been blessed (not by my own doing) to have the services of a competent attorney who, I believe, is doing everything in his power to help me. However, he has been honest enough to let me know the odds are "not" in my favor. Although this is never what the law intended, I am definitely required to prove my innocence! As if proving a negative isn't difficult enough, the judge in this small rural community is notorious for behaving as an additional prosecutor and is expected to keep the jury from seeing, or hearing, practically all the evidence we'll present. The "legal system" obviously already sees me as guilty. Although I'm not presently in jail, I'm forced to live as a hermit. I am banned from having any contact with children (family, or otherwise). I'm not allowed to attend school functions, community events or even my own church. I'm not allowed to leave the county and am required to report to, and pay, adult probation (just as if I had been convicted of a crime). Once the "news" of my indictments hit the local newspapers and television, I lost my job and the onslaught of humiliation, derrogatory comments and even threats began. I guess I'm finally beginning to learn what it's like to feel "devastated"! I suppose I am posting today for a couple of reasons. For one, to let people know these are not isolated incidents! This is occuring daily across our country. It seems law enforcement and the legal system is far more concerned with convictions, rather than justice! This can happen to "anyone"! All it requires is an otherwise powerless person to make a false a accusation (regardless of their motive), and immediately lives are altered and even destroyed. Secondly, I humbly ask for your prayers. Not just prayers for truth and justice, but prayers that my family and I will receive the strength we need to endure. Thank you and may God bless you all! (John 16:33)

Wrongfully Accused! said...

Thank you for sharing and you are in our prayers and I hope you keep us posted. I am afraid your line up of events feel all to synonimous with our experience as well. Though this started 9/05 and an innocent man was railroaded into jail then prison since 7/06 we are now hearing how cleverly the system lied and deceitfully orchestrated the false story of their own doing and how the state paid employees manipulated and lied to the parties involved. It is sickening. I believe they are hurting far more than they help at this point. I don't know how they can live with themselves to this day. Though we know they check into our site regularly. The truth is about to bust out all over and they will be standing before God with what they have done to innocent lives. No matter how it plays out never give up on the truth. You are in good company as you have said. Go with God. He will never leave you nor forsake you and his peace will keep you calm in the eye of the storm. We sincerely know this to be true.

Anonymous said...

Kids Deny Abuse After Dad Serves Time
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VANCOUVER, Wash. (July 12) - Former Vancouver police officer Clyde Ray Spencer spent nearly 20 years in prison after he was convicted of sexually molesting his son and daughter. Now, the children say it never happened.
Matthew Spencer and Kathryn Tetz, who live in Sacramento, Calif., each took the stand Friday in Clark County Superior Court to clear their father's name, The Columbian newspaper reported.
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Matthew, now 33, was 9 years old at the time. He told a judge he made the allegation after months of insistent questioning by now-retired Clark County sheriff's detective Sharon Krause just so she would leave him alone.
Tetz, 30, said she doesn't remember what she told Krause back in 1985, but she remembers Krause buying her ice cream. She said that when she finally read the police reports she was "absolutely sure" the abuse never happened.
"I would have remembered something that graphic, that violent," Tetz said.
Spencer's sentence was commuted by then-Gov. Gary Locke in 2004 after questions arose about his conviction. Among other problems, prosecutors withheld medical exams that showed no evidence of abuse, even though Krause claimed the abuse was repeated and violent.
Despite the commutation, Spencer remains a convicted sex offender. He is hoping to have the convictions overturned.
Krause declined an interview request from The Columbian in 2005 and could not be reached Friday, the newspaper reported.
Both children said that while growing up in California they were told by their mother, who divorced Spencer before he was charged, that they were blocking out the memory of the abuse.
They said they realized as adults the abuse never happened, and they came forward because it was the right thing to do.
Prosecutors aren't yet conceding that Spencer was wrongly convicted. Senior deputy prosecutor Kim Farr grilled the children about why they are so certain they weren't abused, and chief criminal deputy prosecutor Dennis Hunter said that if the convictions are tossed, his office might appeal to the state Supreme Court.
Matthew Spencer said his father had ruined the relationship with his mother and he had faults, "but none of them were molesting children."
Friday's hearing paved the way for the state Court of Appeals to allow Spencer to withdraw the no-contest pleas he entered in 1985 and have his convictions vacated. Both children had previously filed statements with the appeals court, but the judges required the hearing to ensure their new testimony held up under cross-examination.
Spencer, 61, hugged his son and daughter afterward while a dozen supporters cheered.

Anonymous said...

I am in situation that I do not believe detective who constantly want me to change the evidence of the incident. I have one detective that I thought who can help me to resolve false accusation from my EX. Today, I have found out that he tried to sue the cops for search his place without warrant and took some evidence at his property without his consent. In report the officer said that she took those evidences. I was there. Now, detective persistence asked me if I remember to give the officer those evidences. When I hear that from her, I knew right away that I got trick. She invited me to police station to show me something. No way I believe her now since I know exactly what happened that night. My ex got away from his lies because the cops violated his property. I am the one was charge for something that I did not do.

I thought police are here to protect you but now I realize that they are here to persecute you. I know I got all the blame because I have no money to hire the best lawyer like my EX does.

It is sad to know the system favor to those who have the most money careless wether you are an honest single mom.

Wrongfully Accused! said...

It is very true whoever has the most money wins. Unfortunatley in this country you are guilty until proven innocent. So if your casr requires alot of energy to PROVE you innocent then you need lots of money to keep that attorney moticated to do the job. Otherwise they will throw you under the bus because there was no money to defend. Nobody wants to do soemthing for nothing. Even public defenders are so overworked they are paid from the other team and don't want to prove your case either because they don't get paid enough to do what needs to be done on your behalf. They will just try and negotiate a deal that will keep it out of court. It sucks but once in a while you will come across a public defender that believes in doing what is right.